Have you imagined your desired wedding photo shoot yet? 

 As with most decisions in life we all have quite different tastes and criteria, so selecting a location and style of your wedding photo session is a very personal choice. Some couples know exactly what they are looking for while others don’t know where to start.

Will it be a romantic peaceful natural scenery in the countryside or forest, on a beach or in a secluded bay, maybe by a waterfall? 
Perhaps you opt for luxurious interiors of an opulent villa/hotel/yacht.
Do you imagine yourselves in narrow white’n’blue streets à la Mediterranean or in an ancient castle? 

I would recommend you to look through my portfolio and focus on views, sceneries. Which of them appeals to you? Drop me a message and let’s think together.

Some of my wedding photo session examples



✓ 60 min long session

✓ location at your choice within Marmaris or Ichmeler, e.g. the old town, harbour, beach, bridges etc.

✓ All Photos Edited (50+photos)

✓ Online Gallery with High Resolution Images

✓ Transfer by our car

150 $



✓ 2−3 hour long session

✓ Several locations at your choice within Marmaris or Ichmeler, e.g. streets of the old town, castle, city beach, bridges etc.

✓ Professional editing of all your images (200+ photos)

✓ Online Gallery with High Resolution Images

✓ Transfer by our car

250 $



✓  Up to 3 hour long session (+transfer length)

✓ Professional hair styling and makeup (1 look)

✓ Wedding accessories (hair ornaments, veil, wedding bouquet of artificial flowers) 

✓ Professional editing of all your images (200+ photos)

✓ Online Gallery with High Resolution Images 

✓ Several locations at your choice outside Marmaris, e.g. beaches, bays, waterfall, antique ruins, rocky beach etc. 

✓ Transfer by our car




✓ Фото и видеосъемка 2−3 часа;

✓ аэросъёмка;

✓ клип 2−3 мин;

✓ Полная авторская обработка (100+ фото);

✓ Услуги визажиста и парикмахера;

Локации на выбор за пределами Мармариса (дикий пляж Кумлубюк, живописная бухта Амос, девичья коса в бухте Охрание, водопад Тургут, античный город Амос, панорамный вид на бухту Турунч, скалистый пляж Амазон);

✓ Трансфер из отеля.


— Аксессуары для волос, букет (из искусственных цветов);

550 $

Общее время вместе с дорогой ~ до 4 часов

WEDDING — Wedding, family and portrait Photographer and wedding planner in Turkey. (Marmaris, Icmeler, Bodrum, Fethiye, Oludeniz) Yuliya Golubtsova

WEDDING — Wedding, family and portrait Photographer and wedding planner in Turkey. (Marmaris, Icmeler, Bodrum, Fethiye, Oludeniz) Yuliya Golubtsova

Фотосессия с аркой


Локации на выбор за пределами Мармариса (дикий пляж, живописная бухта, девичья коса, античный город, панорамный вид, скалистый пляж)

✓ Оформление места фотосессии

Арка украшенная искуственными цветами, тканью, лентами…

Букет невесты (из искуственных цветов)

✓ Аксессуары для фотосессии

✓ 2х часовая фотосессия

✓ Кол-во фотографий 200+

✓ Полная авторская обработка

✓ Трансфер на нашей машине


  • Готовые фотографии на флешке к концу вашего отдыха (мин.3−5 дней)

$ 500

Общее время вместе с дорогой ~ 3:30 часа

* The prices listed on this website apply only to photo sessions held in Marmaris and İçmeler. Other locations are subject of a preliminary discussion with me.

* If you do not intend to hire a professional hair and makeup artist, prevent me so that the price will be changed to lesser.

* I (the photographer) own copyrights, the right to display, publish, exhibit or post on social media or use for any other purpose whatsoever, all of the photographs taken by me.

Confidentiality fee is 40% of the cost of the project and is subject to prior agreement.

WEDDING — Wedding, family and portrait Photographer and wedding planner in Turkey. (Marmaris, Icmeler, Bodrum, Fethiye, Oludeniz) Yuliya Golubtsova

Additional services (*optional):

Make up — 50 $

Hair — 50 $ (including facial colour correction)

Wedding hair +make up -100 $

Hi-End retouch — 10 photos -50 $

Additional hour of the photo session — 100 $

All photos (with color correction) on the flash drive at the end of your holiday (at least 3−5 days)  — 50 $

Wedding bouquet (from seasonal flowers) from $ 50

Wreath of fresh flowers from $ 30

Bouquet and/or wreaths of artificial flowers -15 $

Wedding dress for rent —from $ 80

Accessories for rent —from $ 5

Steaming a wedding dress — $ 30

How long does it take you to do post processing and when will I get my photographs?

⁃ The process of post processing and post production may take up to two months, but no longer. They may be ready even earlier and that depends on how busy I am at the moment. In any case I will be in touch with you as soon as the photos are fully and thoroughly edited. I just want you to know that the reason for a long span isn’t me lacking inspiration but a high demand during the summer season (May- October).

How can I receive my photos?

- Ready images are uploaded in high resolution to an online gallery with a downloadable link.

Do you provide the whole photo material after a shoot?

⁃ Should you wish so all the pictures can be handed in to you. The defected ones however will be deleted. The Pictures are sent as jpeg files.

Is it necessary to hire a professional makeup and hair artist for a photo session?

-I strongly recommend it. Everyday makeup and the photo purposed one are two things apart. Half of the makeup worn during a photo session is «washed off by the camera». In addition this kind of make up requires knowledge of considerable number of aspects. For instance what products must be chosen in different climate conditions and time of day; as well as how to ensure that the makeup lasts for long hours; or what colours are the best to use for certain time of a day and so on and so forth. The same can be said about hair styling. I work with a pro makeup and hair artist, who has worked with hundreds of models and clients in the span of her career. She is experienced in commercial photography and knows exactly how to create your flawless look in the photos. So hiring a professional is an essential component of planning a photo shoot. However you can do makeup and hair by yourself for a «lifestyle» session when portraits aren’t the core part of the story.

Can I change my outfits whilst a shoot?

-Тhere is no reason why you shouldn’t have a variation or two to switch it up — granted that it’s within our time limit (mostly depends on light) and wether there’s some sort of changing facility in a location. Also, remember that many clothes mean a heavy load that we will have to carry around.

I don’t know how to pose like a model. Will you help me?

-I'm there for you! My shoots are never run in silence, that’s for sure. I’ll help you to feel at ease by guiding you through body positioning and facial expressions. I guarantee that there are no non-photogenic people. And my key advice is «Relax! Just be yourselves.»

Anything else I might have forgotten to ask you about?

— Well, let’s see:

• I don’t stick to time limit whilst my shoots. Delivering your desired outcome is more important for me;

• be ready to enjoy your photo experience with me;

• although I’m not a tour guide, some useful tips and information may be eagerly provided.

Should you have any specific questions please be very welcome to contact me directly!